THE VEIN COLLECTIVE interview by the Roughouse © Ilias Georgiadis The Vein Collective was founded in Greece and regroups the work of Greek photographers Elizabeth Rovit, Ilias Georgiadis, Manos Chrisovergis and Panos Kefalos. The collective plans future cooperation with other photographers from around the world around the themes of intimacy, introversion and personal documentation. What is your emotional […]


GORAN BERTOK / THE OMEN interview by Mayliss & Lukas Zpira My first encounter with Goran dates back to early 2001. We kept missing each other for weeks. When I had a gallery in South of France, “the Weird Factory” I discovered his work. I saw a first exhibition, then another. I was impressed by […]

Calin Kruse on Books

CALIN KRUSE / ON BOOKS interview by Léonard Pongo This is a transcript from an audio conversation. Leonard Pongo: At first, not knowing you, I thought you were very difficult to reach out to. Other people around me have felt the same way. How would you explain this? Calin Kruse: I don’t think I’m not […]

Beautiful Decay

YAMANAKA MANABU /BEAUTIFUL DECAY interview with Cyril Costilhes Editor’s note: The following interview was started by Cyril Costilhes. After a few questions were answered japanese Yamanaka Manabu photographer lost patience and wrote us this following message: “Please see attached my Q&A which I answered in an interview… Although we could not find our particular answers in […]

The invisible one

IKKO KAGARA / THE INVISIBLE ONE interview by Mayliss & Lukas Zpira Ikko Kagari, is well known in Japan and by amateurs around the world for his controversial photography and his discretion. No one has ever seen his face. It was hard for us to get close to him and it took some time and […]