SCOTT TYPALDOS / BLADE RUNNER films seen by photographers Blade Runner was a shadowy withchunt which imprinted my childhood. I first was drawn to it through its anarchronic visuals and the complex antagonism of its psychogenetic characters. It is the formal manner through which the work interrogates our alineation and anthropoid constructions that made me […]


CYRIL COSTILHES / TOP GUN exhibit & text 1986Top Gun. Tom Cruise. Airstrike and cheesy bromance. That Hollywood/Pentagon production movie used as a recruitment tool by the navy. A Propaganda blockbuster that made Americans love war. My childhood memories was frozen on a particular scene, the backlit love scene, the silhouettes, the kisses and tongues. […]


DIMITRI OTXA COHEN-TANUGI / 2001 films seen by photographers I`ve always been very bad at school. I didn’t like classes and what we were forced to read. When I first discovered science fiction books it was a revelation. I had finally found something that interested me and that I could do with pleasure. So I […]