Uncanny beings

TAHIA FARHIN HAQUE / UNCANNY BEINGS exhibit & text We are variations-creatures conceived undead, neither one thing nor another, or two things without a moment’s delay… uncanny things that have nothing to do with whatever remains of creation, detestations that toxify the world by sowing our frenzy wherever we go, glutting light and murkiness with […]


FRANCOIS POUTINE / HOMO POLITICUS Gif film exhibit http://roughouse.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Elections-gif.mp4


LEAH GORDON / KANAVAL exhibit & texts Each year, Jacmel holds pre-Lenten Mardi Gras Festivities. Troupes of performers act out mythological and political tales in a whorish theatre of the absurd that traverses the streets, rarely shackled by traditional procession. Mardi Gras in Jacmel is light years away from the sanitized corporate-sponsored tourist-driven carnivals around […]


J-C BOURCART / FORBIDDEN CITY exhibit & text 1999 MADELEINE I got the idea of camouflaging my camera in Frankfurt, where I was shooting an essay on its brothels. Obviously,cameras weren’t allowed, there were signs everywhere. Against the fluorescent background the women seemed to float within an imaginary stage set. They looked like pastry in […]


SOHAM GUPTA / ANGST exhibit & short story Through the grayness of this concrete city, streams of tin-box vehicles flow ahead languidly – and like at a river’s delta, distributaries of little hatchbacks and dented yellow taxis branch off from the main road, spreading in varied directions. From your roof, you can see the whole […]