exhibit & text

April 5, 2017

Top Gun. Tom Cruise. Airstrike and cheesy bromance. That Hollywood/Pentagon production movie used as a recruitment tool by the navy. A Propaganda blockbuster that made Americans love war. My childhood memories was frozen on a particular scene, the backlit love scene, the silhouettes, the kisses and tongues. I had never witnessed such a sensual act. I left the cinema charged with something new. It felt naughty. I forgot the film and only remembered this graphic kiss. It haunted me for months. It’s interesting how a simple scene from a bad movie can affect you as a kid. In reality behind the glamorized visual, Top Gun is a pretty perverse film.. That’s why I decided to work on the film, restructuring and destructing it, changing the meaning and playing with textures. Disrespecting and destroying it but still be in it at the same time. Even if my intial goal was not to take this project seriously, it soon became a monster of a new kind. I intensively watched the film over and over, sometimes in slow motion, pausing, dissecting each frame, rephotographing the same scenes for hours, weeks, months, this beast became unbearable to work on, the session were causing me nausea and intense stress, it had to stop. It was time to build a cage for it.

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