films seen by photographers

April 9, 2017

Blade Runner was a shadowy withchunt which imprinted my childhood. I first was drawn to it through its anarchronic visuals and the complex antagonism of its psychogenetic characters. It is the formal manner through which the work interrogates our alineation and anthropoid constructions that made me want to revisit, destroy and reclaim it. In time, my intention to take the film elsewhere was faced with the film’s almost immutable visual power. I realized that Ridley Scott’s formal meticulousness could not be disrespected. Initially, I based my reinterpretation on the latent images which were stuck in my mind. I used these handful of memories to structure my series. Past this, and as I repeatedly skimmed through the films’s hundred and seventy thousand frames, I found hidden oniric abstractions, an endless sea around its film noir/sci fi heroes. All inclinations to satirize the film gave way to a contemplation and an admiration for the film’s original intent.
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